Interference-free image transmission is guaranteed with our HDMI cables. After numerous tests of different versions, we have selected the optimum connection cables for transmitting the HDMI signal for our camera systems. We guarantee that the camera and cable from the same order are always tested in conjunction with each other.

From a cable length of 20 meters, we recommend using the HDMI repeater as a coupling between the camera system and the cable. HDMI repeaters amplify high-quality HDMI signals up to 40 meters with reliable transmission without any loss of quality.

Monitor & magnetic mounts


The monitor mount with ball joint is a durable and flexible solution for mounting and ergonomic adjustment of monitors in industrial applications. Thanks to a special coating on the ball and the clamping mechanism, a process-safe static friction is created when the clamping lever is tightened.

The magnetic mounts offer you complete flexibility when positioning the camera. The hose holder allows you to position the system's protective hose in the desired position to ensure a safe and tidy machine interior.