The NEW. VisionLine EC 2.0

Process monitoring camera with a robust IP67 housing.

The EC 2.0 is the ideal solution for visual process monitoring in wet and dry rooms where no splashing cooling lubricants are used, such as in tool changing systems, robot cells, laser systems and loading systems. The slim design makes it possible to use it even in cramped workspaces.


Protection class
Power supply
Full HD
Video quality
Real-time transmission

Configuration options

Camera lens

The angle of view of a camera lens refers to the area of the scene or subject that is captured on an image or sensor. It is often measured in degrees and determines how much of the surroundings are captured in the image. A wide angle of view shows more of the scene, while a narrow angle of view only captures a small section of the scene.

90° Angle of view


142° Angle of view

Joint / mounting options


Internal ball joint

Due to its compact design, the camera system with the internal ball joint takes up less space, which is a considerable advantage in applications with limited space.

External ball joint

If you want to fix the cameras firmly in a specific position in the machine room, the external ball joint is the ideal solution. With the external ball joint, the bracket and hosepack are structurally separate from each other. This offers the advantage that the hose package can be routed out of the machine room regardless of the position of the holder.

External ball joint
with magnet

The external ball joint with magnetic holder offers you maximum flexibility when positioning the camera systems. At the same time, the system continues to offer the usual safety in the machine interior. The nyodymium magnet has a holding force of 150 kg.

Hose lengths

In the standard configuration, UYAR camera systems are supplied with a 5 m connection cable and 1 m stainless steel protective conduit. The stainless steel protective conduit can be configured in 0.5 m increments from 1 m to 4.5 m on request.

Accessories & Spare parts


Data sheet
VisionLine EC 2.0
Data sheet
VisionLine EC 2.0
Operating instructions
VisionLine 2.0

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